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Over the last couple of years Dolly has been offering Virtual Events for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of herbs, herbal medicine and Ayurveda. Events are usually a couple of hours long. Some incorporate a practical aspect and others focus more on deepening knowledge of a particular aspect.

There have been a series of events through the year looking at how our environment changes through the seasons and how this affects us and the plants around us and what is available to us. The format is similar for each season, taking into consideration common health conditions that come up in that season. Then there is a look at how herbs and lifestyle techniques can help to maintain a better state of health and as such is also quite practical. Concepts of Ayurveda are introduced as seasonal regimen is very much a part of Ayurveda and lends itself to conceptualising the idea of Seasonal routines and in some cases aspects of Yoga and Yogic Techniques are also incorporated if applicable.

Here is a clip from the virtual walk in a Summer event and part of the practical session of this same event.

Alongside the seasonal events, there are one-off events which go deeper into specific topics. These have been usually concepts of Ayurveda. One such event was on ‘Gunas’, the qualities used to describe everything in Ayurveda and the one coming up is on Dosha and Prakrti (Constitution).

Next Virtual event is on 4 December and is on Dosha and Prakrti
The next online event coming up on 4th December is for Japanese speakers, being co-hosted and translated by Maki Sugahara of Meeting Trees. In this we will be looking at an aspect of Ayurveda, that of dosha and having a look at what dosha(s) you may be most predominant in which is termed your 'Prakrti'.

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