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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a very gentle treatment which speeds up the rate at which the lymphatic vessels function, enabling nourishment of all tissues of the body and removal of waste products from the tissues. The effects are amongst other things, that of relaxation, improved immunity, enhanced energy levels and more specific healing of tissue.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage #01

For more information on how MLD works and whether it would be beneficial for you please CLICK HERE to go directly to their webside.

MLD is beneficial for:

  • Detoxing the body
  • Improving general immunity
  • Promoting energy levels and relaxation
  • Post cosmetic surgery, helping the body recover faster
  • Swollen ankles during pregnancy

  • How long and how many treatments do you need?

    At the first visit, there is a consultation to assess your particular condition and how many sessions you need and over what period of time.


    'After the first treatment of MLD, the swelling in my legs, ankles and face were very obviously reduced and this was the case after every treatment.
    After an intensive 3 week course, I was able to accomplish many more things in life, things that I had left off doing for years, generally having more enthusiasm and energy. I was able to fit into boots which I hadn't been able to for over 15 years.' R.V.

    ‘I have found Dolly to be a kind, listening and calm therapist with a great sense of humour who has worked with me for some time now with many varied symptoms associated with long term fatigue after a bout of severe Pneumonia. She has a flexible holistic approach and I have had reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage and often a combination of both within one session when needed - she is able and happy to adapt the treatment to my needs. My symptoms are ongoing but I have had improvement in fatigue and always feel better and much lighter and brighter after a treatment with her.’ J.B.

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