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Reflexology is a way of treating the body in a holistic way by applying pressure to the relevant reflex points on the feet. In particular, blockages that may be the cause of disease are worked on, bringing about a state of equilibrium in the body. It is recommended that a series of at least 4 treatments be given to begin to get marked results. To find out more how Reflexology works and how it can help you, please visit HERE for more information.

Dolly is a full member of the governing body for reflexologists in the UK, the AOR.

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Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is useful for women during pre-conception, during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, labor and also post-natal. Reflexology will affect the hormonal, emotional and physiological balance in your body.

During pre-conception it has been shown to improve fertility.

During pregnancy, reflexology may help with the following symptoms:

  • lower back pain
  • anxiety
  • sciatica
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  • low energy levels
  • blocked sinuses

    Regular reflexology during pregnancy has been shown to shorten the duration of labor, with many women requiring less pain-relief. Reflexology will benefit post natal women by helping their bodies adjust hormonally after giving birth.

  • Testimonials:

    ‘I had reflexology with Dolly during my second pregnancy. My anxiety levels were quite high during the second trimester and within one session of reflexology I was amazed at how grounded I felt. During the pregnancy I also had problems with piles and constipation which again were sorted out by Dolly, after a couple of sessions. Her professional manner and level of care is exceptional and I wholeheartedly recommend her.’ J.W.

    'The treatment was incredibly relaxing and centering for me. My more recent anxiety is now gone (I'll credit you for that!) I'm feeling good. ' C.S.
    ‘Dolly is a very gifted, powerful, effective practitioner. She brings such an intuition to me both physically and also emotionally which I find incredibly valuable. I enjoy sessions immensely find them deeply relaxing, therapeutic and very enjoyable.’ A.C.

    ‘The holistic approach taken by Dolly is excellent and really effective. I am given advice on ways to reduce stress at work as well as having a relaxing massage. I have always found Dolly’s extensive knowledge of both scientific and alternative therapies has allowed me to feel comfortable and confident to get the best of both worlds. I have and always will recommend Dolly to be the first port of call for anyone interested in alternative therapies.’ M.G.

    "We live in a fast pace, busy, modern world and we all need time to rebalance. I have been visiting Dolly for over a year now for various treatments including massage, reflexology and flower remedies. And find them invaluable for relaxation and help me to keep on track. I think of them as part luxurious treat and part health maintenance." D.T.

    ‘I have found Dolly to be a kind, listening and calm therapist with a great sense of humour who has worked with me for some time now with many varied symptoms associated with long term fatigue after a bout of severe Pneumonia. She has a flexible holistic approach and I have had reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage and often a combination of both within one session when needed - she is able and happy to adapt the treatment to my needs. My symptoms are ongoing but I have had improvement in fatigue and always feel better and much lighter and brighter after a treatment with her.’ J.B.

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